Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend – What Can You Do?

Allow me start this straight as to point to you to the right track. Alot of women (and girls) they spend alot of their precious time crying and mourning over their ex boyfriend, funny they think that’ll make things easy but unfortunately that is not the case.

Here is the thing you should do to get over your ex boyfriend.

First of all you should stop contacting him immediately. I mean every kind of contact you can think of… this include text messaging, phone call, emails, snail mail. This will surprise you but you should also stop sniffing around his house by during through his house to see if his car is parking in his garage.

I know you might have the edge to do that… heck you probably have done that already. I think you can agree with me that it doesn’t work. If you do any of the above you will hurt your feeling. Imagine you driving by his house and you him kissing another woman, ouch! You really don’t want to see that, do you?

Or imagine calling him and another woman (who is not his sister or his mom) pick up the phone. That is very painful, right? so don’t contact him unless you want to stay in pain forever.

The other thing you have to stay away is all things you did together. This includes the movie theatre you did together. Don’t watch that best movie you watch that Saturday night.

This may seem an exaggeration but I’ll tell you later why it is important.

If the bed you used to sleep together face the south, change it to the west. if you can afford to change the covers that you used to sleep in throw them away and get some new ones. Throw all the pictures you took together. If you think you want to see them in future (10 years alter) give them to your friend who lives miles away so that you cannot have an easy access.

Why this is important…

There is something called anchor… which is anything (bed, picture etc) that is attached to particular emotions.  So when the bed you used to sleep with your ex boyfriend faces the same direction you will trigger all memories about your ex boyfriend which will be almost impossible to get over him. Mind you all this happen at the unconscious level without even recognizing it.

Lastly you have to change your thought patterns, you need to change your focus so that you won’t be thinking about him. I know that sound complicated but there is a simple technology that will help you to do that very quickly.

Forget Your Ex in 24hrs is the only technology that will help you.

How to get over your ex in 24hrs is the best technology to help you get over him without effort so that you can enjoy the life you used to that you are missing right now.

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